30 Day Trial Questions:
What happens after my 30 day trial?
If at the end of the 30 days you decide that it's not for you, no hard feelings. We accept that we can't be all things to all people. But if you decide that you want to stay and work with us to reach your personal goals, we'll know exactly what workout schedule will be best suited to you.
How often does my programme change?
All our programmes are built using a 12 week cycle divided into 3 phases. Each phase is periodised which means as you progress through the programme the difficulty and intensity will increase. Once you have completed a 12 week cycle you will then progress onto a new cycle.
What if I'm a complete beginner?
Our coaches are professional enough to realise your starting point. As a complete beginner we will see how you move first before throwing you into a programme. Then, when we are happy we will design a programme that is relevant to your ability and goals but also challenging and fun! 💪🏻
Will I get nutritional advice?
Yes - we need to establish a starting point first so we may ask you for a food diary before we set you any goals. Our aim is to educate you about how simplifying your nutritional intake will likely be key to your long term success and results. 🚀
How much weight can I expect to lose in 30 days?
We focus on body fat reduction rather than weight loss - and you can expect anywhere between 2-5kgs depending on your adherence to the programmes.
Can I train at different times on different days?
Sure! Our system is user friendly, flexible and gives you up to 38 training slots throughout the week. Train around your schedule. 🏋🏻